This Synthetic Zero Event will be on December 12, 7-10pm, 2015 at BronxArtSpace, only 20 minutes from Union Square. The show includes performance, video and interactive installations, video screenings, sculpture, prints, and collages. The show will also be on view until January 9, 2016, during regular gallery hours (except between Christmas and New Year's)

The Synthetic Zero events are a series of art events focusing on high quality experimental and contemporary work in different media. We often do not have a specific theme for each event but instead a theme emerges from the interaction between submitted work and curatorial interests. By working this way, the events reflect back the dialogue and practice of artists involved combined with a curatorial direction that comes from the moment, and we create evocative encounters for the audience.


Cory Kram - Xuan Ye


Erica Lapadat-Janzen - Heather Anne Halpert - Amy Bassin - Laura Napier - Mark Ramos -Brad Tober - Snow Yunxue Fu - Aaron Higgins - Aaron Oldenburg - Kseniya Linov - Elena GarneloMichael Demers - Jürgen Trautwein

Video Screenings:

Tomorrow Girls Troop - Laura Kim - Robert Spahr - Christina Maria Smiros - Sandrine Deumier - Dennis Miller - Erica Lapadat-Janzen - Philippe Roy - Liliana Farber - Matthew Dombrowski - Sandra Araújo -