jc lenochan  Whitewashed: How in the World Does White Rub Off , 2013-2014 Chalk and charcoal on canvas 32" x 42" Courtesy of jcl studios

jc lenochan Whitewashed: How in the World Does White Rub Off, 2013-2014 Chalk and charcoal on canvas 32" x 42" Courtesy of jcl studios


Feb 14 - March 24

Curated by Gabriel de Guzman


Saturday, February 10

6-9pm: Opening Reception

7:30: Performance by Tatlo (Sara Jimenez and Jade Yumang)

Saturday, February 24

6:30-9:30pm: The Gathering + Open Mic

Wednesday, March 7

6:30pm: Artist Talk with Kris Grey, Sara Jimenez and jc lenochan

Saturday, March 24

6:30-9:30pm: The Gathering + Open Mic

Curated by Gabriel de GuzmanHistorical Amnesia exposes and grapples with the lasting effects of colonialism, exoticism, and intolerance on today’s culture. Featuring Kris GreySara Jimenezjc lenochanJoiri Minaya, and Jade Yumang, artists sift through forms of loss, obscurity, and trauma by using the body as a conduit. These artists recover suppressed narratives, giving body to the hushed voices of those who have been relegated to the status of Other.

This exhibition is especially timely during our current political climate, as affordable health care, women’s reproductive rights, and equality for LGBT people are under threat. Black, brown, female, and LGBT bodies are becoming political battlegrounds. While these artists uncover injustices of the past, they reveal the continued need to inform and empower individual and collective memory. The exhibition will be populated by sculpture, drawings, and video, as well as installations that consider aspects of the space and the experience of the viewer. At the opening reception, artists will also activate the space, giving the exhibition themes another corporal dimension.

Historical Amnesia points to the ruptures in accepted histories and power structures. The artists open up these fissures, allowing diverse narratives to come to the surface. Using intricate processes, they portray the figure as a vehicle through which shadowy pasts are given material form. In this way, the artists serve as quasi-archaeologists, collecting and repositioning cultural residue, uncovering stories that were buried by time and neglect.

 Jonathan Shimony  Tough Love  2017 mixed media on wood panel 16 x 22 cm

Jonathan Shimony Tough Love 2017 mixed media on wood panel 16 x 22 cm

 Michael McCarthy  Earthbound  2017 cyanotype 31 x 31 cm

Michael McCarthy Earthbound 2017 cyanotype 31 x 31 cm

All should be or will soon be perfect—with the help of the latest purchase—or if that is not enough than surely there's a pharmaceutical drug that can help cover up that nagging sense of discontent. An entire society is in flight from reality. As our planetary ecosystem increasingly shows signs of buckling under the rapacious demands of human extraction, manufacturing and consumption we will one day, in the perhaps not too distant future, discover the inescapable truth of human and even planetary mortality.

The paintings and sculpture of Jonathan Shimony investigate a world spinning out of control. The mad quest for power and money has increasingly led to a vision of humans as little different from commodities bought and sold in the market. The list of corruption in various parts of American business and government seems unending. There is no apparent limit to the number of human lives willingly sacrificed without regret to advance the power and wealth of those already holding the most important reins of society.

Michael McCarthy's works, seemingly serene and peaceful, engender feelings of anxiety as we linger with them. The near absence of human references leads one to wonder where the humans have gone. Might these series of photographs be traces of the (beautiful and beguiling) calm after the storm and violence depicted in so many of the paintings by Shimony? Pictures of a world left behind, no longer occupied by humans?

Future Perfect

Jan 3 - Feb 3

Michael McCarthy & Jonathan Shimony


Gathering + Open Mic

Saturday, January 27, 6pm

Closing Reception 

Wednesday, January 31, 6-9pm

Meet the Artist

Saturday, February 3, 2pm