Claudia Hart,   More Food for Children  , from the series "The Real and the Fake," 2011

Claudia Hart, More Food for Children, from the series "The Real and the Fake," 2011

November 19 - December 17, 2016

Opening Reception: Saturday, November 19, 4-7pm
Panel Discussion with the Artists: Sunday, December 4, 2pm
Bronx Culture Trolley: December 7, 6-8pm

Curated by Rachel Clarke, Claudia Hart, and Pat Reynolds

the presents approaches employed by artists exploring artificial xyz space, the non-referenced synthetic image or object, and the specific qualities of the virtual camera that records it. The artists all use 3D software to create work ranging from the still image to animation and interactive installation.

Artists include AES + FMorehshin Allahyari, LaTurbo AvedonSophie Kahn (in collaboration with Lisa Parra), Gregory BennettTim Berresheim, Sean CaponeJose Carlos Casado, Rachel Clarke , Shamus Clisset, Birch CooperGero DollMark DorfCarolyn FrischlingJoe HamiltonClaudia HartKurt HentschlagerKim JoonMark KlinkAlex LeePatrick LichtyLocurto-OutcaultKristin LucasSara LudyGerhard MantzChris ManzioneClaudia MateAlex McLeodShane MecklenburgerRosa MenkmanJonathan MonaghanBrenna MurphyEva PapamargaritiWill PappenheimerSabrina RattéMichael ReesPatrick Reynolds,  William Robertson + Alfredo Salazar-CaroBenjamin RosenthalNicole RuggieroMartin SampedroEllen SandorRick SilvaKeith TolchKatie TornMatthew WeinsteinRyan Whittier-HaleFrank Yefeng WangSnow Yunxue FuGiselle ZatonylZeitguised.

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the border crossed me.jpg

October 13 - November 12, 2016

Opening Reception: Thursday, October 13, 6-9pm
Artist Talk: Wednesday, October 26, 6:30pm
Bronx Culture Trolley: November 2, 6-8pm

Blanka AmezkuaDina BursztynAlva CalymayorPatricia CazorlaAda Pilar CruzMaria DominguezMiriam HernandezAntonia PerezNitza TufiñoMary ValverdeCatalina Viejo

Curated by Esperanza CortésTHE BORDER CROSSED ME examines the emotional, psychological and physiological effects of immigration across the planet. Works on view tackle the disempowering effect of immigration often due to political upheaval, religious intolerance, armed conflict, land grabs and dispossession on individuals, families and cultures from colonized countries. 

The exhibition delves into the impact of border culture on language, the economy, the earth, and mental health. Constructed by more powerful governments, these borders are intended to guard their political power, cultural knowledge and privilege. Here border culture is defined as a state of living between worlds, customs, cultures, languages, sexes and expanses of time. Its plight gives birth to hybridity and transculturation.

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Carlos Mateu  Blessing  55” x 70”

Carlos Mateu Blessing 55” x 70”

The 5th Bronx Latin American Art Biennial
September 9 - October 8, 2016

Opening Reception: Friday, September 9, 6-9pm
Artist Talk: Wednesday, September 28, 6-8pm
Bronx Culture Trolley: October 5, 6-8pm

Jairo Alfonso, Hubert CañoFranck de Las Mercedes, Manuel Bautista León, Carlos MateuChiqui Mendoza, Horacio Molina, Victor Mora, Stephanie Mota, Bernardo Navarro, Aby Ruiz, SASHALYNILLO, and Zinthia Vazquez

The 5th Bronx Latin American Art Biennial: “I am one of those people who…” presents an evolution of styles and techniques practiced by contemporary Latin-American artists living in the Bronx and abroad. Artworks engage personal aspects of the artists’ philosophy and creation process as well as some of today’s social issues such as: migration, women’s rights, political conflicts, and discrimination.

Curated by Alexis Mendoza and Luis Stephenberg, the exhibition reveals the complex and diverse approaches of Latin American artists living inside and outside the United States.

Caroline Hjorth and Riitta Ikonen and  Eyes as Big as Plates

Caroline Hjorth and Riitta Ikonen and Eyes as Big as Plates

Nature, Climate, Art
July 13 - August 6, 2016

Opening Reception: Wednesday, July 13, 6-9pm

Featuring Karoline Hjorth, Riitta Ikonen, Robin Rapoport, Nozomi Rose, Linda Cunningham and Juha Metso.

Curated by Inka Juslin and Tarja Silverman. Sponsored by Global Crisis Information Network.

Nature, Climate, Art investigates the impact of climate change in our lives and in our environment, layering and addressing the role of nature as disparate and essential to our human condition. One theme is a climate change, not as the drastic event concerning humans and their environment; but as a subtle narrative, which can make our living with nature a compelling one.

The exhibition brings together a group of international artists. Karoline Hjorth and Riitta Ikonen (Norway and Finland), photograph older people in their environments around the world, from the Arctic to the volcanic plateaus of southern Japan. Robin Rapoport (Canada-US), sculpts mixed media works pointing to environmental change, while Nozomi Rose (Japan-US), uses Japanese pigment to portray nature and landscape on canvas. Linda Cunningham (US), has investigated the Bronx waterfront in her mixed media works on paper, and her sculpture presents organic nature. Juha Metso (Finland), a photographer and installation artist investigates emotion in motion, he created a photography series of birds at the landfill showing the cycle of life and interconnectedness of humans and their environment.

What is common for these five artists is that they work with environmental sensibility, use nature as inspiration, and draw from lore and tradition to create unique encounters between humans and their surroundings. One central and combining theme is water.

Global Crisis Information Network is a non-profit organization that tries to fight against catastrophic climate change by organizing events, mobilizing people to act, and distributing information. Follow us and like us on Facebook!

Charm & Vinegar
June 17 - July 9, 2016

Opening Reception: Friday, June 17, 6-9pm
Artist Talk: Wednesday, July 6, 6-8pm

With charm and biting satire, these four artists use domestic materials to create critical and humorous work.

Charm & Vinegar features Liliana Avalos Mendoza who makes soft sculpture of household appliances and indigenous Peruvian imagery from original silk-screened fabric; Edith Isaac Rose who embroiders haunting political images; Cinnamon Willis who creates “melandollies” - dolls expressing undesirable feelings; and Ruth Marshall who hand knits textiles of endangered species.

Through the exhibition and Artist Talk, Willis, Mendoza, Rose, and Marshall will offer new perspectives on material, cultural heritage, tradition and gender politics. 

Iliana Emilia Garcia  In this house ___ is the boss/ En esta casa  2014 color photograph 20” x 16.4” each

Iliana Emilia Garcia In this house ___ is the boss/ En esta casa 2014 color photograph 20” x 16.4” each

Tyranny's Tear: Mending a Dominican Trauma
May 11 - June 11, 2016

Opening Reception: Friday, May 13, 6-9PM

Tyranny's Tear: Mending a Dominican Trauma is a journey into a time and place of personal and collective memories during the three decades of the Trujillo dictatorship in the Dominican Republic. This exhibition brings together 19 artists, mainly of Dominican descent haunted by the brutality of this tyrannical era and the succeeding US invasion.

Participating artists include Dió-genes Abréu, Pepe Coronado, Rene De los Santos, Iliana Emilia Garcia,Scherezade Garcia, Reynaldo Garcia Pantaleón, Carlos Jesus Martinez Dominguez, Maximliano Medina, Luanda Lozano, Miguel Luciano, German Perez, Narciso Polanco, Ella Perez-GabrielMoses Ros-SuárezJuan Sanchez, Ezequiel Tavares, Fernando Tamburini, Freddy Rodriguez and Rider Urena.

Tyranny's Tear was conceived by Moses Ros-Suárez and curated by Linda Cunningham. 


Synthetic Zero: Creative Tech Week
May 4 - 7, 2016

Opening Reception: Wednesday, May 4, 6-9PM

Open for Creative Technology Week, Synthetic Zero will include exciting and emerging net and video artists working on themes of the New Aesthetic, internet and selfie culture, augmented reality, surveillance culture, and feminism in technology. Artists include: Julia Maria Sinelnikova,Aaron HigginsLaura KimJürgen TrautweinErica Lapadat-JanzenGiselle ZatonylAriel JacksonAaron OldenburgChannel TWoClaudia HartKatie WilliamsJoanna Wrzaszczyk, and Chang Liu.

Eric Decastro  white cube and black and white doors  2016 mixed media acrylic on canvas 80 x 100cm

Eric Decastro white cube and black and white doors 2016 mixed media acrylic on canvas 80 x 100cm

A Whiter Shade of Pale Level 2
APRIL 6 - 30, 2016

Opening Reception: Tuesday, April 5, 6-9PM

Eric Decastro (b. 1960), French artist, is educated as a screen printer, but he is mainly working as a painter. Since 1984 he has been engaged in art and has been working together with artists such as Prof. Hermann Nitsch and Prof. Markus Lüpertz. In 2009 he founded the Artspace Frankfurt. He has organized exhibitions under the motto, Rendez-vous des Artistes, with curator Dr. Elmar Zorn, Prof. Ludwig Seyfarth and Dr. Danièle Perrier.

In his mostly large-sized works he uses the dripping technique. Decastro is especially interested in the balance of color and light in his paintings where the thick and impasto application of color plays a significant role. The plastic effect is increased even more by an interplay between light and shadow. The observer is pulled into a colorful and poetic cosmos, which is intentionally designed to allow the illusion of landscapes or outer spaces. thematically Decastro deals with the issues of fugacity.

Decastro's work is represented in the Collection Deutsched Bank/SAL-Oppenheim, Reinhardt & Sonja Ernst Collection, Museum Schloss Mochental Collection, UGM Museum Maribor Art Gallery, Slovenia, Museum villa Rot Burgrieden Germany, Torrance Art Museum California, Kunstverein Heppenheim Germany, Inca-Cola Collection Lima, Peru, and many more. Decastro's art will be shown at the Torrance Art Museum in April 2016 amongst others like Tobias Rehberger, Gerhard Richter, and Ed Ruscha.

Felipe Garcie,  El Rincon Criollo, Las Casitas , detail, 2015, digital print on luster paper, 13" x 19". Courtesy of artist

Felipe Garcie, El Rincon Criollo, Las Casitas, detail, 2015, digital print on luster paper, 13" x 19". Courtesy of artist

The Bronx Speaks: Our Home
MARCH 2 - 26, 2016

Opening Reception: Saturday, March 5, 2016, 5-8pm at BronxArtSpace
and 7-10pm at Andrew Freedman Home

Curated by Sara Corona and presented by Bronx Arts Alliance in conjunction with New York Armory Arts Week 2016.

Featured Artists: Lizzy Alejandro, Sandra Ayala, Alina and Jeff Bliumis, Melissa Calderon, Dennis RedMoon Darkeem, Sharon Lee De La Cruz, Alexis Duque, Charles Esperanza, Daniel Hauben, Felipe Garrcia, Ariel Jackson, Coco Lopez, Eric Orr, Emilio Sanchez, Sienide, Luis Stephenberg, Andrea Trenier, Osaretin Ugiagbe, Cinnamon Willis, Audra Wolowiec and an installation by Bronx Children's Museum

Also featuring Bronx Photo League/ Bronx Documentary Center: Ed Alvarez, Trevon Blondet, David "Dee" Delgado, Melissa Bunni Elian, Jesus Emmanuel, Giacomo Francia, Michael Kamber, Netza Moreno, Heriberto Sanchez, Jonathan Santiago, Rhynna M. Santos, Adi Talwar, Bethland Tekyi-Berto, Edwin Torres, Elias Williams, Osaretin Ugiagbe

January 20 - February 20, 2016

Opening Reception: Wednesday, January 20, 6-9pm

Curatorial Walk Through: Wed, Feb 3, 5:30-8:30pm

Fannie Lou Hamer High School Student Panel on Police Brutality: Thursday, Feb 11, 6:30-8:00pm

#PEAKBLACKNESS a New Performance & Art Activism by Richel Cuyler: Friday, Feb 12, 6:30-8:00pm

Community Imagining by USDAC-NYC Field Office & Five Boro Story project: Saturday, Feb 13, 2-4pm

Performaces by Lex Brown, Camilo Godoy, Indigo Junkies, and Pat Lamanna: Friday, Feb 19, 6-9pm

Selected works from over 40 artists address the persistent condition of injustice by presenting empowering concepts of the self, body, and community in SPEAK OUT.

SPEAK OUT demonstrates the persistent visions of cultural fortitude, resistance, and insurrection that make up our community in the Bronx and the greater New York City. In a borough with a rich history of resistance and community organizing, we are honored to produce this exhibition at BronxArtSpace at the start of a new year in the post-no indictment era, contemplating a justice system in the United States that is clearly unjust.

Artworks and performances address legacies of injustice, offer alternatives to institutional racism, and present empowering and honest images of the self, body, community, and reality that affirm that #BlackLivesMatter.

James Baldwin states “the most dangerous creation of any society is the man who has nothing to lose.” A culture that deprives Black and Brown women and men of educational opportunities, housing, human equity, sexual, gender, and financial, protection leaves nothing more to lose. SPEAK OUT strives to acknowledge and further legitimize the pain and anger while also sparking concepts for a greater future.

Speak Up, Speak Out

Curated by Linda Cunningham, Eva Mayhabal Davis, and Dalaeja Foreman

Atikur Abdul, John Ahearn, Antonia Andrioti, Aileen Bassis, Thom Bess, Janet Braun-Reinitz, Michael Paul Britto, Suzanne Broughel, Lex Brown, Walter Cruz, Joseph Archie Cuillier III, Richel M. Cuyler, Tasha Dougé, Dominique DuroseauJohn Edmonds, Nicky Enright, Jay Espy, Adam Farcus, Shelley Feinerman, William Folchi, Cacy Forgenie, Alvaro G. Franco, Jonathan Gardenhire, Camilo Godoy, Josué Guarionex, Christopher Hill,  Ariel Jackson, Daniel Johnson, Gauntam Kansara, Pat Lamanna, Erin Lefevre, Joe Lewis, Rafael Melendez, Traci J. Molloy, Kaytea Petro, Michael Pribich, Dennis RedMoon Darkeem, Vincent Romaniello, Jaffia Royes, Tajh Rust, Alex Seel, Rudy Shepherd, Spencer Washington, Cinnamon Willis, Quay Quinn Wolf, Lachell C. Workman, Allison Yasukawa, Michael Young