©Arnaldo Morales 2005 Ser-2 No.09 34" x 26" x 60" industrial materials

©Arnaldo Morales 2005
Ser-2 No.09
34" x 26" x 60" industrial materials

Opening Reception: Sat, Sept 12, 5-8pm             

Artists Donald Daedalus, Diane Davis, Juanita Lanzo, Lisa Lebofsky, Arnaldo Morales, Roy Secord, Jose Soto, Natalie Wood, and Zimad along with curators Laura James and Eileen Walsh will explore the idea of the non-physical perception of hot and cold in the works of nine artists from the BX200 Artist Directory.  The show looks at work that creates an instant visceral feeling of "Hot or Cold" and explores the idea of work having both qualities simultaneously.  What elements have been employed to create the overall feeling of the works temperature?  How much of this reaction is universal and how much is connected to our own unique life experience?   

The exhibition will include a children’s workshop with Natalie Wood and The Bronx Children’s Museum on Saturday, October 3rd at 11am – 1 pm.

The Artists Talk will include Juanita Lanzo, Jose Soto, and Roy Secord and be held October 7,  6:30 - 8 pm.

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