Frank de las Mercedes

Frank de las Mercedes

The 5th Bronx Latin American Art Biennial "I am one of those  people who..."
September 9 - October 8, 2016

Opening Reception: Friday, September 9, 6-9pm

Jairo Alfonzo, Hubert Caño, Silvia de la Cruz, Franck de las Mercedes, Patricia Villalobos Echeveria, Manuel Bautista León, Carlos Mateu, Chiqui Mendoza, Victor Mora, Aby Ruiz, Sashalynillo, Zinthia Vazquez, and Carolina Villanueva

The 5th Bronx Latin American Art Biennial: “I am one of those people who…” presents an evolution of styles and techniques practiced by contemporary Latin-American artists living in the Bronx and abroad. Artworks engage personal aspects of the artists’ philosophy and creation process as well as some of today’s social issues such as: migration, women’s rights, political conflicts, and discrimination.

Curated by Alexis Mendoza and Luis Stephenberg, the exhibition reveals the complex and diverse approaches of Latin American artists living inside and outside the United States.