In Broad Daylight: Women Street Artists from Greece

May 19 - June 30


Curated by Vassiliki Vayenou and Blanka Amezkua

Video research by Dr. Konstantina Drakopoulou


Olga Alexopoulou, Lebaniz Blonde, Cleo43, Dizi, Simoni Fontana, Nique


Saturday, May 19, 6-9pm

Opening Reception

Wednesday, May 23, 6-8pm

Artist Talk moderated by Lady K Fever

Saturday, May 26, 2-5pm

Children's Workshop with Cleo43

Saturday, May 26, 6-9pm

Gathering + Open Mic

Wednesday, June 13, 6pm

Curatorial Tour

Friday, June 15, 6:30pm

[Pose] Ta Bombe Film Screening


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Schedule of documentary screening during gallery hours.

 Dizi, Full Color Festival III, Athens, 2016, Katrakeio Theater of Nikaia, Photo courtesy Nikos Balodimos

Dizi, Full Color Festival III, Athens, 2016, Katrakeio Theater of Nikaia, Photo courtesy Nikos Balodimos

In Greece, graffiti emerged in the early 80s, in big and small cities, suburban neighborhoods and rural areas, coinciding chronologically with other European and American cities. In recent years, Greek street artists have been painstakingly recording and commenting upon the changes caused in Greek society by the financial crisis–both on personal and social levels through their art. At the same time, they join the larger international dialogue around political and social issues. The force of graffiti as a tool for activating the public's critical skills and awareness, the immediacy of its message, its easy free accessibility and transformative powers render it one of the most democratic artistic practices.

The exhibition In Broad Daylight features the work of Greek female street artists distinguished by both the quality of their work and their dynamic attitude towards freedom of expression. It includes artworks, audiovisual material, articles and books on Greek graffiti and is complemented by a series of public events, providing general information of Greek street art with the hope of arousing further interest in this scene's impressive diversity and social impact.

In Broad Daylight hosts a section of the quadrennial international public art film festival Top to Bottom, which takes place in Athens, Greece and is curated by Andreas Fakis for the independent cultural foundation Studio 4.

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