Feb 4


January 4 - February 4, 2017

Opening Reception: January 4, 5-8pm

Artist Talk on Trolley Night: February 1, 6:30pm


Curated by Stephanie A. Lindquist

BEAT presents a contemporary view of the complex relationship between sound, music and visual art through the practice of Keith O. Anderson, R. Armstrong, Michael Paul Britto, Crystal Z. Campbell, Devin Kenny and Drag Lomax, Jeff Kurosaki and Tara Pelletier, Glendalys Medina and Daniel Santiago Salguero.

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Mar 11

BLACK FOLK presents: Reclaimed Rage; Resistance

Jonathan Gardenhire

Jonathan Gardenhire

February 8 - March 11

Opening Reception: February 10, 5-8pm

Artist Talk on Trolley Night: March 1, 6:30pm

ft. Uptown Vinyl Supreme - Open Mic - opening night, Odiosas - Womanist workshop - date TBD, People Power Movement - Political Education: privitiazaion of public housing - date TBD


Curated by Dalaeja Foreman

Working in photography, sculpture and painting the artists featured in Reclaimed Rage; Resistance reassess our perception of Black rage and its place in public discourse. Artists include Francheska Alcantara, Clara Lenor Cruz, Jonathan GardenhireCheyenne JulienWilliam "MIlo" Matthieu, Shani PetersShellyne Rodriguez, Adrienne Rose, Anthony J. Thomas. The exhibition will include a special library for viewers to sit and reflect on texts about resistance.

Apr 15

Intricacies of Love

Julia Brown Young Mother's Project

Julia Brown Young Mother's Project

March 16 - April 15

Opening Reception: March 16, 6-9pm

Artist Talk: TBD


Curated by Phyllis Rosenzweig

Presented at BronxArtSpace and its temporary extension

Relationships between children and adults often depend upon intricate bonds of love, dependency, and trust. These projects by artists Julia Brown, Glenn Ligon, and Rodney McMillian expose those bonds in very different ways through video installation, prints and an interactive community project.

May 20

Radio Galaxy

Amy Chan Point Reyes 2015 gouache and acrylic on canvas 13" x 15"

Amy Chan Point Reyes 2015 gouache and acrylic on canvas 13" x 15"

April 20 - May 20

Opening Reception: April 20, 6-9pm

Artist Talk on Trolley Night: May 3, 6:30pm

Artist-led Workshop: TBD

Radio Galaxy is organized by Virginia Commonwealth University alumni Amy Chan, Sarah Mixer, Val Molnar and Matt Sphar. Together they will create a hybrid installation of fine art and a fake science laboratory. With shared interest in decorative pattern and neon, they create the absurd with references to pop nostalgia and cheap plastic good.

Jun 24

Fat Caps and Contracts: 30 Years of Tats Cru

Courtesy Tats Cru

Courtesy Tats Cru

May 24 - June 24

Opening Reception: May 27, 2-5pm

Artist Talk on Trolley Night: May 31, 6:30pm


Curated by Laura James and Eileen Walsh

Fat Caps and Contracts is a retrospective of the world famous Bronx graffiti artists, Tats Cru. Known for their collaborative work, the group began their artistic career over 25 years ago by creating subway graffiti. On view will be a selection of new and older paintings on canvas.