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BronxArtSpace has had a long term commitment to fostering the well being of the artists it serves. We care that you have not had equitable access to arts financial resources such as grants, fellowships and residencies. We are concerned that funders have not adequately demonstrated an interest in your respective needs and priorities as artists.

Recently BronxArtSpace has forged a new partnership with Dominican York Proyecto GRAFICA, En Foco, Literary Freedom Project, and PRIDA–Puerto Rican Institute for Development of the Arts, under the Urban Arts Cooperative to address issues of underfunding our artists and communities.

In order to more effectively advocate on your behalf for more funding opportunities and resources, we need to hear your voice. We need your voice to be heard by funders, elected officials, and arts policy leaders in order to address the lack of cultural equity, and ask that you complete this survey. 

Our collective voices can make a difference.

Thank you for participating!