Synthetic Zero Event
DECEMBER 12, 7-10PM  

On view Dec 13 - Jan 9

Synthetic Zero events are a series of art events focusing on high quality experimental and contemporary work in different media. We often do not have a specific theme for each event but instead a theme emerges from the interaction between submitted work and curatorial interests. By working this way, the events reflect back the dialogue and practice of artists involved combined with a curatorial direction that comes from the moment, and we create evocative encounters for the audience.

Performances by Cory Kram and Xuan Ye, and art and video by Erica Lapadat-JanzenHeather Anne HalpertLaura Kim, and many others.

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Opening Reception: Thursday, November 12, 6-9PM
Artist Talk: Wednesday, December 2, 6:30-8PM

The exhibit Appointment in Samarra addresses a contemporary world spun out of control. We are bombarded daily with images and stories of disaster and tragedy of every possible origin. The work on exhibit includes videos by Kasumi, photographs by Michael McCarthy, paintings by Jonathan Shimony and prints by Rob Stupay. Collectively, their work stands as a set of questions, not only about the troubling state of affairs but also about the very notion of knowledge and understanding. The work offers no solutions and even raises doubts about our comprehension of events. their stories are left disturbingly incomplete. Things seem wrong, perhaps terribly wrong, but we are uncertain of what exactly we are being shown. much less how to redress the apparent problems surrounding us in today's world.

With careful mastery of their respective media, each artist addresses the emotions, visions and enigmas of the human experience in modern society. The four artists' works share a sense of unease and uncertainty which is amplified through an often ambiguous scale. The "eyewitness" perspective in their works leaves the view unsure of his/her relation to the scene/event depicted. Ultimately, one remains perplexed whether these are visions of past or recent scenes of tragedy or horror or if they are a view of a future world extrapolated from ever-shifting ground of present.

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the 2% precipice

Opening Reception: Friday, October 16, 6-9PM 
Artist Talk: Thursday, October 29, 6:30-8PM

BronxArtSpace is pleased to announce the 2% precipice, an exhibition featuring 4 New York artists— Adam DistenfeldLucy HodgsonIvan Stojakovic, and Marion Wilson— whose works attempt to awaken the collective conscience to concern for the planet’s livability.  Curated by Linda Cunningham, the 2% Precipice raises awareness of various ecological changes and potentially disastrous follies while highlighting the beauty of nature through a universal language of art.

Marion Wilson’s current work uses stunning microscopic images from the small but omnipresent mosses, the first form of life, living in the boundary layer of the Earth and in micro-environments.  Her mobile moss learning lab/drawing studio will be parked in front of BronxArtSpace inviting our community and visitors to discover the most ancient form of plant life on Friday, October 23 and Monday, October 26.

Industrial materials and neon colored plexiglass merge with living plants in Ivan Stojakovic’s vertical wall gardens like remnants of a natural ecosystem found in the midst of a highly developed urban area.  These imaginative wall works construct a fluid integration of ecology into art and explore interactions between primal and urban agencies in the global village.

Lucy Hodgson’s installation of gravity-defying images of spills and convincing replicas of oil pools and drips will spread across the back third of the gallery immersing the viewer in a symbolic sea of petroleum production.  Her technically impressive work addresses the folly of conversion of natural elements into ones that will destroy the world as we know it.

Adam Distenfeld’s images of extinct animals try to realize an impossible space, creating openings in natural gneiss rock, pushed by the glacier to Brooklyn and rescued from construction sites. Distenfeld is concerned with geological time and the interaction of the human mark upon the rock. His three pieces refer to ancient prehistoric species reminding us of the planet and its long history before us and its long future beyond us.

©Arnaldo Morales 2005   Ser-2 No.09    34" x 26" x 60" industrial materials

©Arnaldo Morales 2005
Ser-2 No.09
34" x 26" x 60" industrial materials


Children's Workshop: Saturday, October 3, 11AM-1PM   
Artist Talk: Wednesday, October 7, 6:30-8PM

When we describe a work of art as "hot" or "cold" most people get an instant idea of what we are talking about.  It is one of the basest human reactions that a piece of art can elicit. We label things hot and cold in life often with no base in the thermal qualities of what we are describing.  It's perception is certainly physical, but also very emotional and intellectual.  

What makes us perceive something as hot or cold?  What elements are used by artists to bring out the cold or hot properties in a piece of work? Color and texture often influence our perception of temperature in work, but intellectual ideas, emotional imagery, and a sense of movement are also important factors. 

Artists Diane Davis, Juanita Lanzo, Lisa Lebofsky, Arnaldo Morales, Roy Secord, Jose Soto, Natalie Wood, and Zimad along with curators Laura James and Eileen Walsh will explore the idea of the non-physical perception of hot and cold in the works of nine artists from the BX200 Artist Directory.  The show looks at work that creates an instant visceral feeling of "Hot or Cold" and explores the idea of work having both qualities simultaneously.  What elements have been employed to create the overall feeling of the works temperature?  How much of this reaction is universal and how much is connected to our own unique life experience?  

JULY 8 - AUGUST 8, 2015

Opening Reception: Wednesday, July 8, 6-9PM       
Artist Talk: Thursday, August 6, 6:30-8PM

BronxArtSpace has invited Ananda Nahú and Izolag from Rio de Janeiro, Brazil to exhibit their new work alongside Bronx photographer Ricky Flores from July 8 to August 8 in Faces from the Block.

Over the last eight years painters Nahú and Izolag have collaborated with Flores who is known for photographing the borough in the 70s and 80s. Flores’ images immortalized an entire generation of youth, breakdancers, teenagers on stoops, fires and abandoned buildings. Nahú and Izolag found parallels in Flores’ work to their own environment and were inspired to create murals and paintings based on his iconic images. Faces from the Block will create a forum for this international collaboration.
During their stay Nahú and Izolag will also create a new mural with youth at the nearby Mitchel Housing playground sponsored by Casita Maria with a grant from Bronx Health REACH.

Michael Uttaro   RYGO   Collage

Michael Uttaro RYGO Collage

JUNE 24 - JULY 3, 2015

Opening Reception: Saturday, June 27 6-9PM       

BronxArtSpace is pleased to present Contourscurated by Emily Roberts-Negron and featuring the work of artists Michael UttaroJohn RiggiNick StrobeltD James Goodwin, and Sara Morawetz .

"Our selves are fluid and require the contours provided by our neighbors." - Alain de Botton 

Contours considers the capacity of correspondence in a fixed parameter. As a population, we are a constantly shifting mold, which takes no one specific shape. Yet, we are bound by an objectified consciousness; a desire to fit into something. It may conceivably be true that we do not really exist until there is someone there to see us existing. Contours is an exhibit about interaction and spatial relationships, constructed entirely on interdependence.

(Perfect Lovers)
April 17 - May 9, 2015 

Opening Reception: Friday, April 17 6-9PM       
Meet the Artists & Curator: Saturday, May 2 2-5PM

BronxArtSpace is pleased to announce (Perfect Lovers) curated by Rafael Melendez featuring the work of Olivier Borde, Matthew Burcaw, Rives Elliot, Ivan Gaete, Paula Izydorek, Ivan Monforte, Jessica Ogden, and Mary A. Valverde. The show’s title is borrowed from Felix Gonzalez-Torres’s 1991 Untitled (Perfect Lovers), which consists of two mechanical clocks hanging side by side, set to the same exact time only to inevitably fall out of synch with one another. (Perfect Lovers) is a survey of recent black and white works influenced by Gonzalez-Torres that speak about contemporary “loves,” which inevitably go out of synch, but nevertheless retain a sense of poetry through time. 

Turn Up the Volume
February 20 - March 14, 2015 

Opening Reception: Friday, February 20, 6-9PM with special audio mix by Bob Durham         
Artist Talk: Wednesday, March 11 6:30-8:30PM moderated by Sergio Bessa

Turn Up the Volume is a two-person exhibition by Jane Dickson and Joe Lewis celebrating the global reach of Hip Hop culture since its earliest moments in the Bronx. From Soweto to Dallas, BMW to ballet, Hip Hop culture is a ubiquitous global currency.

Dickson began working on projects at Fashion Moda in the South Bronx in 1979, created City Maze in 1980 with Crash and Noc, and began collaborating on the first Hip Hop movie Wild Style in 1981. Often working on industrial materials, her paintings examine conventions and disjunctions of contemporary American life from the crowded, theatrical street life of new York. Her work is owned by more than thirty museums including the Metropolitan Museum, the Whitney, MoMA, ad the Brooklyn Museum.

Lewis grew up on B'way during the golden age of the pop music business and would up at Fashion Moda curating and producing art, performance, and music. Primarily using text, Lewis focuses on the 'the Word' and its influence on things when taken out of context--like a prep school boy dressing and acting like a 'gangster.' His work is in collections at the Studio Museum, LACMA, and Deutsche Bank.

Alexandra Tatarsky performing  SIGN FELT

Alexandra Tatarsky performing SIGN FELT

Synthetic Zero Event
February 4 - 13, 2015 

Opening Reception: Saturday, February 7, 7-10PM featuring performances by Alexandra Tatarsky & Jessica Arseneau

This Synthetic Zero Event featured a vibrant and intense show from breakout performer Alexandra Tatarsky and Montreal performance artist Jessica Arseneau on February 7, 2015. the show also includes visual art, interactive installations, ad experimental video by Angeles Cossio, Lauren Smith, Loren Erdrich, Libi Striegl, Rebecca Bird, Xin Liu, You Qi, Dakota Gearheart, Aaron Higgins, Channel TWo, Aaron Oldenburg, Paul Ritt, Ellen Wetmore, Minkyung Choi, Robert Dohrmann, Carlo Zanni, Celine Masson, Hugues Clement, Anne Glassner, Daniel Djamo and Sana Ghobbeh, Talia Link, Peter Lichter, and The Smyth Brothers.

Synthetic Zero Events, organized by Mitsu Hadeishi, are an ongoing series focused on high quality, experimental, and contemporary art in different media. Working with ideas that emerge from the interaction between submitted work and curatorial interests, the vents reflect a present dialogue and practice of the artists involved, while creating vocative encounters for the audience. Previous curators have invited artists, Claudia Mate, Yoshi Sodeoka, Zoe Leonard, and Hector Canonge.